If I were Caesar  Robert Cole 2015     

If  I were Caesar
The position of Caesar is not hereditary.
Please note that in ancient Republican Rome, or in ancient Japan, absolute dictatorial powers were given, temporarily to a military leader to subdue a national threat. It was only later that these powers became an inherited position; and hence abused by later generations.
This is not the case with me, as I couldn't possibly live that long and the position of Caesar would therefore simply be as a one-time world-fix.
One modality: The Senate could have alternates, ready to take their seat. The Constitution could be altered to demand the Senate body elect an autocrat, military-dictator instead of a President. If not by a certain date, they lose their job.
The autocrat stands for election every four years.

Or this: We put a handsome, yet relatively small piece of money into an account for Caesar's retirement. He specifies exactly what he is to accomplish while in office and can't get any personal money until he is out of power. He is elected for four years and has a re-certification election every two years. When all has been accomplished, he retires and lives well.

How it would go:

First: The population will be queried by vote as to whether executions for capital crime is acceptable, yes or no? I would take their feelings under advisement. There will generally be a fairly common mode of punishment. There will be capital punishments, banishments and work sentences. There will be a wholesale lessening of the prison system.

A world plan will be promulgated for sustainable future.

There shall be a
graduating-scale, permanent stipend system to award and augment the lives of the best of citizens.
Such stipends would be small and increase or fall away with changes in career. Stipends can be withdrawn for an overtly flawed career and can be owed back for crime.

Caesar receives a permanent stipend but all governing expenses of Caesar, as all office holders and public positions, are born by the government.

1 All car companies will convert to electric motors or non fossil-fuels burning, as immediately as practicable.

2 Solar generators will be installed and research pursued, world wide. Utilities companies will install to all roofs, solar panels. There will be housing and building surfaces covered, where possible, by solar. They will phase out inefficient power generation. All future buildings should be power generating. Cities shall be power generators rather than power sinks.

3 On-going production may be necessary to accomplish sustainability into the future, however nuclear power generation might have to be disallowed except for researches of medicine, submarines, sustainable nuclear waste handling, reconstitution, advanced materials research and capacity, and future space craft. New constructions must fit in an overall world plan. If proven not viable, present breeder facilities will be dismantled. Nuclear industries must attain a fully integrated re-cycling systems structure.

4 Petroleum and petroleum products will be used for materials only, research for materials only, burning will be disallowed, except for the shrinking and temporary interests of car collectors.

5 The national power grid will be converted from wires and towers into and feeding a new transportation system. Vehicles will run over conductors of the new power distribution system and will link all major areas. Any given country's power contribution gains them world finance credit. Energy credits will be the basis of future international banking. The system shall be designed and instituted forthwith.
Important: With transportation, biological and organic diversity must be maintained and disparate environments held secure.

6 Highways will be converted into slot-car railways and magnetic pillow conduits feeding battery storage, vehicle power and communications, and city grid services.

7 Drivers will have to show they can handle a car in adverse conditions and will have to understand what may be going on behind them and around them. Smart cars will have their drivers ticketed for poor performance, and to specify for courts and insurance, negligent conduct and have the power to revoke licenses.

8 Endangered species will receive absolute protection.

9 My World Heritage sites program might be instituted to relieve us of the arguments between religions.

Adjustments to Present Law and Authority
1 Effort shall be undertaken to reexamine all past criminal cases, violations of the law and the judgements of the courts to relieve for the people, the burdens of the past.

2 Unnecessary laws will be revisited and bad laws will be revoked. Law-making must meet a criteria of necessity.

3 Manipulation of law for personal gain will be a violation of the public good and therefore criminal. Drawing out trials for career or financial gain of lawyers is criminal.

4 All past cases of police brutality will be revisited.

5 All cases of past prosecutions will be fairly reexamined. Particularly heinous activity will receive judgement - all other poor activity by prosecutors will be forgiven.

6 All contested criminal cases in the future will have DNA tests for all parties and witnesses. All people involved will have exploratory lie-detector tests, accused, witnesses, attorneys, police, prosecutors, judges and juries.

7 Prisons and their practices shall be reexamined and relieved of torturous conditions.

8 To the degree prisons are retained, they will become manufacturing centers, paying for themselves and possibly creating new careers for inmates.

9 Prosecutors, police and doctors with perfect records will receive a socially recognized Position of Mastership and permanent Stipend.

10 Education for police and public servants will have coordinated curriculums to achieve a degree of excellence in which the entire populace can all know pride.

11 Manipulation of the political system for self gain will be capital crime.

12 Fire in a Theater Law: Knowingly spreading lies for political or personal gain is abuse of the public. Malicious lying over public venues is criminal. Conspiracy to abuse the public is criminal.

13 Proselytizing over the public venues will be disallowed. 

14 Manipulation of large finance to the detriment of the financial envelope of society, for
egregious personal gain is criminal.

15 Murder and
heinous abuse of children is capital crime.

16 We will be intolerant of cultural crimes against women.

17 Police will coordinate through a Police Network and take action against scammers and thieves and other criminals operating at a distance.

18 A new reckoning of land use shall be organized. Peoples and their histories shall be considered into a correct propriety with respect of uses and ownerships and future conduct.

1 The Senate will become functionors of government and advisers to Caesar.

2 Environmental protection and world cleanup is necessary. Therefore a department of environmental action will be created, appropriate plans will be engaged and acted upon. There will be clean air and clean water.
World resource harvesting will be integrated into a sustainable practices regime.

3 Space and planetary activities will be planned and acted upon. These will include prioritizing pollution-free acquisition of advanced materials.

4 There will be world-wide education. The sciences, including engineering, business, true history and correct worldly bearing shall be taught to every child. Individual countries
shall partake either through taxation/return arrangement or direct investment. Curriculums may be culturally based but shall share and provide a world-wide, scientifically based, common education that includes the arts and physical fitness.
[It may be reasonable to coordinate all funds for education and for health-care from all the nations, including all present philanthropy, into central distribution. Perhaps from the present UN. This would allow more clarity throughout the world]

5 Rich countries engaged in global production will open facilities in poor countries.

6 There shall be universal, one-payer health care, where doctors specify treatments, government has no discretion and no bureaucracy; it pays all costs but fraudulent healthcare will be criminal and meet harsh punishment.

7 Dentists, doctors and veterinarians doing unnecessary procedures for extra profit or perverse psychological reasons will be punished. Same for lawyers.

8 There shall be a definition between profit-making business and utilities. Some endeavors are necessary for life and their provision shall be free of egregious profiteering and regulated to reflect current states of market and monies. There shall be provision of utilities accounting status of personal wealth. The poor pay less, business pays less, the wealthy pay less.